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    Longer 94-inch wheelbase for more stability


height comparison of GT-427 Roadster with Shirley in car

Shirley is 5'0" and fits comfortably in UCC's GT-427 Roadster

height comparison of GT-427 Roadster with Shirley and Dennis in front of car

UCC's GT-427 Roadster is a perfect for different heights. Dennis is 6'3" and Shirley is 5'0"

height comparison of GT-427 Roadster with Dennis in car

Dennis is 6'3" and has plenty of room to drive UCC's GT-427 Roadster

#1 Sports Car
Long Legs?
Short Legs?
No Problem!


The ROADSTER is comfortable for big and tall and fits petite and small too. Dennis is 6’ 3" and Shirley is 5’0". The roadster is an exhilarating drive for both him and her.

Ultimate Classic Car’s GT-427 Roadster has a longer wheelbase giving the cockpit additional space to accommodate a 6-foot driver. Come and sit in our GT-427 Roadster and we know you will agree that UCC has the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing cockpit in the marketplace.

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The UCC component car includes all of the components necessary to build your GT-427 Roadster with a few exceptions.*
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Ultimate Classic Cars can also build your GT-427 Roadster for you!

Ultimate Classic Cars blue GT-427 Roadster


  • Longer cockpit length for tall individuals
  • Wider footbox for better pedal placement
  • Narrowing of the transmission tunnel – no more “skewed” seats so common in many component cars
  • Removable Dash Face Plate – no more “lying on your back” to access hidden components
  • Pre-Located Drill Points for: steering column, headlights, turn signals, bumpers, tail lights, gas cap & cowl support structure
  • Additional space added for master cylinder & bumper bolt installation
  • Custom Independent Rear Suspension is now available as an upgrade option


  • Longer 94-inch wheelbase for more stability
  • Longer and wider passenger compartment for greater comfort
  • Wider doors for ease of entry and exit
  • Plenty of room for occupants of all sizes
  • Shift lever and pedals are located where they should be in a comfortable position
  • Fully functional 4-Link rear suspension with no wheel hop or an adjustable Independent Rear Suspension for road racers
  • You can build it or we can build it for you
  • No used or donor parts; everything is new and of the highest quality
  • We can provide everything you need to complete and customize your car
*Exceptions to the basic kit: engine, transmission, rear-end, paint, wheels, tires and battery.
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