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Purple GT-427 Roadster
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"I just wanted to send you a note since I have completed the build of my UCC 427 GT. I could not be happier with the finished product. Many years ago, when I first thought that one day I would be able to build a replica of the original AC Cobra®, I started to do the research of all the companies that built these from the various stages of builds up through the rolling chassis. I was looking for a quality frame and body that were the best in the industry; I also wanted to build one with several personal touches that were different from the standard Cobras® that were available from the manufacturers. The GT-427 Roadster from Ultimate Classic Cars, in my opinion, offered the highest quality frame and body in the configuration that I wanted. Additionally, the recent changes that they had incorporated into their new frame and body only enhanced the quality of the car. Ultimate Classic Cars could accommodate all the different changes that I wanted to do, and the build went very smoothly. I did everything on the car myself to include the body work and paint. The double lined trunk, hood, and doors really add to the quality of the car, having all new parts and not having to scrounge and make do with used parts is a definite plus to the enjoyment of the build.

People that own this type of car say that these cars are not what you expect when you finish. I have other high horsepower cars so I know what to expect to an extent but was not sure what the short wheelbase and light weight would be like. Now that I have the car on the road I can say that this car is solid, well-mannered and a pleasure to drive. There is nothing that I would change on this car. It has met, and exceeded, my expectations for this vehicle. It is truly a dream come true. The support and help from the people at Ultimate Classic Cars has been wonderful. They really go the extra mile, from the owner, builders, fabricators, sales, and parts people. They truly know their stuff and provide the ultimate in support to the customers. Thank-you for providing me the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream to own a Cobra®! My vision has become a reality with the completion of my Ultimate Classic Cars GT-427 Roadster. Thanks."

- David Lyons

"I visited Ultimate Classic Cars yesterday, I was impressed with what I saw. I liked the personal attention plus these guys made me feel welcome and they had a “can do” attitude. There are quite a few features in their GT-427 Roadster that I like a lot; the two biggest were the improvements in the foot-well and I really like the integrated floorboards"

- Larry Landreth

The first thing I want to say is, thank you!

Now that I’ve completed my UCC GT-427 Roadster, I look back on the experience with my in house build and how much fun it was. The crew at UCC made the experience very exciting and to build your own Cobra® replica is something very few get the opportunity to do. I was fortunate to have been able to build a Cobra from the previous owners, LSC, back in 2001. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to sell the car. Since then I’ve been working to get back into another Cobra® replica and UCC provided me that opportunity. From my previous build to my present build I never considered using another manufacturer. The car is very robust and accommodating with more foot room at the pedals and overall leg room. The body is very solid, not like other manufacturers with flimsy bodies. I elected to go with IRS in lieu of the traditional straight axel four link and as advertised the car rides and handles like a 5 series BMW but with a lot more ponies.

One of the most exciting things about owning and driving one of these cars is the looks from everyone you’re driving around. Most people don’t know what it is, especially the younger kids who didn’t grow up in the 60’s and 70’s during the muscle car era.

I will conclude by saying to anyone who will listen, I would highly recommend Ultimate Classic Cars to someone considering either buying a fully assembled GT-427 Roadster, in house GT-427 build, or building one in your own garage. It will be one of the coolest car experiences you’ll ever have.

- Mike McBride

Mike McBride's UCC GT-427 Roadster
"Just bought one of these from Dennis, the owner. He is a world class guy who actually cares about the cars he builds. My car was crazy fast and very reliable. There is definitely a reason why he has the only company that will actually build the kit they are selling. Do your homework and you will see that this is THE BEST GT-427 Roadster on the market!"

- Perry Moore

"Selling the American dream with a can-do attitude! Super nice group of people that truly want your business and placing you in the car of your dreams! I was truly blessed to be in their presence this Saturday! Come check them out!"

- Brian Campbell

"I’m 6 foot and I love that I can fit into my GT-427 Roadster."
Guys Around UCC's GT-427 Roadster
"I wanted to thank you all for your time on Thursday. I can safely say that was the most informative hour I have spent in quite a while. The guys I talked to, sorry I’m terrible with names, were excellent at presenting and answering questions, seemed to enjoy their jobs and were quite proud of the company they represented. I’m a sales manager and was very impressed with both of them. I got home yesterday and showed off my literature to my wife. That’s stage one."
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